Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The fallacy of the last day

Our lives are definitely precious. There is no another chance for you to reborn. Every day you are going to die. So your body and spirit should be respected.

Followed by the fact, some people say, "You should live everyday as if today is your last day."

Actually, I do not like this sentence.

This proverb emphasizes the readiness for your daily life. It is no doubt that you should be aware of usual life. I believe that the ultimate answer of the riddle of my whole life is in my daily life, not in an extraordinary experience.

However, if you will die at the end of today, how will you do?

The answer depends on your own status. I guess most people will not do anything special. And, I am doubtful that you will make an effort for the future in your last day.

Endeavor, learning, and training are some kinds of investment to reap a fruit in the future. We can be patient only when we estimate the profit. Of course, there is some labor not for rewards. Nonetheless, I will not able to struggle if I cannot expect any positive outcome. Consider, if tomorrow is the Armageddon, you must eat all sweets in front of you today!

So, I do not use this phrase.

Instead, I dare to say, "You should do as if it is the last chance for you."

Life looks long lasting, but the reality is not. Suddenly it will end. Not to regret at the time, we have to do anything we would like to do. Today may be the last opportunity.

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