Monday, March 17, 2014

Selection and concentration of Firefox

Mozilla published that it withdrew developing Firefox for Modern UI in Windows 8.

Mozilla: Update on Metro

Bit-tech: Mozilla drops Firefox for Modern UI plans

According to a press release, the main reason of giving up is the lack of fertile market. Being different from the desktop version, there were only less than 1000 active users of Firefox for Modern.

Mozilla declared that it would focus on other products. I guess it means Firefox OS and the smartphones equipping it. In the last year, Mozilla began to deliver Firefox OS in 15 countries. Since it is an open software, any carriers can introduce it with low cost. It helps to spread smartphones into developing countries. Now Mozilla has developed a $25 smartphone.

VB News: Mozilla’s $25 Firefox phone is a direct threat that Nokia never saw coming

Mobile phones have become a commodity gradually during a couple of decades. Young people seldom use wired telephones. Recently we hardly recognize a smartphone as a delicate machine. Meanwhile, it is going to difficult to make profit by developing a new smartphone. I am not sure Mozilla will be successful in mobile phone market.

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