Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missing case of Malaysian Flight MH370

This accident is changing to a modern myth. Ten days have passed after the missing of Flight MH370 with 239 passengers on board on March 8. Though Malaysian government and relevant organizations searched wide ranged region, little has not been proven about the destiny of this aircraft.

Financial Times: Hunt for missing airliner expanded to 25 countries

Mirror: Live: Updates in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

According to the media, the last words of the pilots were "All right, good night." It is hardly estimated that some critical accidents occurred all at sudden just after the conversation with the air traffic control center. Even so, it is strange that no evidence of attempted contact of the airplane was detected for long hours.

So, was the connection jammed by someone intentionally? It is suspected that an automatic tracking system had been disabled before the airplane disappeared.

Daily e-mail news alarts: Flip-flop over ACARS switch off time, FBI help, adding to MH370 muddle, say reports

There is a hypothesis that a passenger could hack the autopilot system with his Smartphone. An application to take a control over the aircraft was introduced in a conference held in the last year. However, there is a broad argument around the technique. First of all, a pilot can turn off the autopilot system anytime. In addition, several airline companies declared that aircraft controlling systems were not so vulnerable to being hacked.

Huffpost: Malaysia Airlines MH370 Hacked? 'Planesploit' Mobile Phone Exploit Demonstrated In 2013 Raises Terrifying Questions

Some commitment must have been published if this issue belonged to a hijack case. Two thirds of the passengers were Chinese. Is it possible that the criminal is negotiating with Chinese government secretly? I do not think so. It is extremely difficult to keep hundreds persons alive without any confusion for ten days. There is no reason for the hijackers to hide the airplane and passengers together.

After all, the truth is yet revealed. Sunday Sports reported that the missing aircraft was found on the moon.

Elite Daily: A British Tabloid Has Found The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight… And It’s On The Moon

It is merely a joke, but lots of rumors will be heated, unless solved. I hope that passengers are safe.


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