Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cloud drives on sale

Recently, online storages became considerably cheaper. Google ignited the discount, and Amazon followed.

TechCrunch: Google Drive Gets A Big Price Drop, 100GB Now Costs $1.99 A Month

TechCrunch: In Response To Google, Amazon Announces Massive Price Cuts For S3, EC2, ElastiCache, Elastic MapReduce And RDS

According to their articles, we can purchase 1TB HDD on the cloud with only $10 in a month. One terabyte is much enough for you to store almost all documents, videos, and pictures you want to do so. If you buy a Hard Drive Disc, it will cost over $50. You have to maintain it. Costs around an operating system, enough space, and protection from computer viruses should be are also considered. Which is better depends on some conditions around you, although cloud storage is now a realistic option for many people.

I myself have some PCs to save the data. The other days, I administered a Windows Home Server however, I quitted it due to the complexity of its maintenance. I also use Microsoft One Drive to synthesize the data which are important to my work.

Microsoft may also be preparing for the war of cloud. It has administered Windows Azure for several years. However, Microsoft Windows and its softwares are not well compatible with cloud storage. Its business model is based on selling softwares bundled with PCs. You may know that Windows are adopted as the OS for many automated teller machines (ATM).

In contrast, Google has developed natively on the cloud. But Google is not a company to sell online storages. Its own purpose is gathering data on their storages to make their search engine more effective.

More or less, we are going to the era of the cloud. IT companies will be invisible in our daily life in the near future.

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