Friday, March 28, 2014

Mr. LinkedIn chosen as the greatest leader

Recently, Glassdoor published the list of CEOs who were approved as a leader. According to Glassdoor, this list was obtained from gathering the opinion of the employees in each company.

Glassdoor: Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs 2014

The top of this list is Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn. It is amazing that he won the 100% of approval by the voters. To be honest, I am not sure how these percentages were calculated. Nevertheless, it may be certain that Weiner is more supported than Mark Zuckerberg (10th), Larry Page (11th), Tim Cook (18th), or Jeff Bezos (33rd).

TNW: Glassdoor: Employees rank LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner as CEO of the year; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg loses top spot

Mark Zuckerberg seated the top of the list in the last year. This does not mean his decline at all. Every 50 companies in the list are still visionaries.

By the way, every excellent leaders have some common characteristics. In my opinion, there are five conditions to be a good leader.

1. Drawing a vision
It is essential to be a head of a company. What is the goal of this organization? If not to answer this question clearly and immediately, he cannot be a leader.

2. Making a decision
A leader should make some important selection. To take a choice is to abandon an alternative. To resist the burden of decision is required as a leader.

3. Collaborating with others
Good leaders have lots of friends, as well as foes. Even a charismatic leader cannot accomplish a great performance without collaboration, at least in highly complicated modern society.

4. Taking a risk
A leader should take a risk. Power and reward are tradeoff with responsibility. There are lots of persons who are afraid being responsible to their own choice, far from leadership.

5. Being optimistic
A leader should be optimistic. Smiling gives bystanders energy. Too realistic is sometimes disadvantageous for a leader. Pessimistic thoughts are more safe, but less fruitful. Many leaders have confidence without evidence. Of course, such leaders need a genius subordinate.

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