Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five essences for beautiful sleep

As I mentioned yesterday, sleep is essential to maintain your health. Good sleep brings a happy life to you. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who are suffering from insomnia. Surprisingly, one-third of adults is anticipated to have a problem with sleep, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Sleep is one of a basis of human behavior. Therefore, we are seldom conscious about the importance of sleep. However, there are some indispensable matter to recognize regarding sleep. I refer 5 things you should know.

1. Our day cycle is not 24 hours.
The human brain has its own clock. It is called the circadian rhythm. It is the reason why you feel sleepy even if you are inside a building whole a day. It is a little strange, however, the circadian rhythm is not exactly 24 hours, estimated to be 25 hours.
Therefore, if you live completely on your own, you day cycle would be warped. You may be bad in the morning. To avoid this and adjust your rhythm, you have to be exposed to the sunshine in the morning.
Sunlight has a great power. Mild depression can be cured with daylight therapy.

2. At least 6 hours of sleep are required.
It is an unsolved question how long you should sleep in a day. Some persons need 7 hours a day, others need 8 hours. There is a difference in each individuals about this matter. Nonetheless, I have to say that, 6 hours a day is the minimum requirement. Some experiments indicated that persons who took sleep less than 6 hours in the last night showed cognitive impairment at an examination of attention. Worse, they were unconscious that they were suppressed in their ability. You must not ride a car after night shift work.

3. Daytime sleep is considerably harmful.
As you know, taking a nap is very relieving. But you should be cautious about the adverse effect of sleep in daytime. It causes damage for night sleep.
It is uncertain about the way of secure napping. Some researchers claim you should not sleep after 4 pm. Some insist that you have to limit daytime sleep in 30 minutes. Some recommend not to lie, but napping on the chair is acceptable.
More or less, it is no doubt that, you should be awake in the daytime if you want good sleep.

4. A bed should be exclusively used for sleep (and sex.)
There are many persons who enjoy lying on the bed to take some actions: browsing the internet, watching TV, or even eating. They are quite vicious habits. Quit immediately.
When you cannot fall asleep in 30 minutes, I recommend you to get up. You can read a book, listen to music, or write a novel, but in a study, not in the bed! The bed is a place to sleep. The more you stay in the bed without sleep, the more your brain learns so.

5. We cannot stock sleep, but debt can be.
Some people describe that they can stock sleep to prepare for upcoming tough work. Unfortunately, it is not proven that humans can charge sleeping time in advance. Instead, lack of sleep will remain for approximately 2 weeks. It is a hypothesis by Nathaniel Kleitman, who found REM sleep. Debt of sleep helps you to fall asleep easily. Of course it is not beneficial for you. It merely means that you are tired.

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