Friday, March 14, 2014

My history of IELTS

Today, I received the latest result of IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
I am extremely glad to know the band score has reached 7.0.

I have taken the IELTS four times (the first, the second, and the third). I have learned about each 4 skills equally. However, the improvement varied each other.

Generally speaking, listening is deemed to be easy to develop in the short term. I was quite bad at listening in the beginning of learning English. Finally, I got the highest mark at listening. To be honest, however, listening test in IELTS is relatively easy, compared to TOEFL. I knew some tips about the exam. To be accustomed with this test is also important. I have even much difficulty in listening.

Reading is the part I am confident the most. I got full marks once in a self practice. Unfortunately, I failed to complete answering all the questions in the latest exam. Reading passages in IELTS are so long that the skimming speed is essential.

I felt writing skill is the most difficult to develop. I got some English teachers to correct my essays. As you know on my blog, my writing skill is even limited. I must endeavor further. By the way, it is hard to estimate the score of writing. I do not know why my first score was quite low.

I experienced troubles in speaking test recurrently. I trained my speaking skill with some Skype English online school almost everyday for a half year. The result is not fruitful. In late 2 trials, I had a couple of mistakes, as I paused for a while. They might be critical. If possible, my potential values at 7.0.

Anyway, my English skills are still developing. I decided to restart the training so far.

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