Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It is a joke that a foreigner came to Japan suspected that most of the Japanese are surgeons. There are very lots of people who equip a nasal mask in spring in Japan. They intend to protect themselves from pollen.

I also have been suffering from pollinosis for several years. As far as I remember, it began when I was late 20s and is getting worse by years. Every spring, frequent sneeze and severe itching around eyes attack me. I hardly concentrate on my task, since hay fever get rid of my stamina. I am always sleepy and feel depressed. It is so serious that I hope to go abroad in this season. However, April is the beginning of fiscal year in Japan. Thus, I am considerably busy not to stay in a foreign country.

As a principle to treat pollinosis, you have to take some medicine in advance. After you expose to pollen, the effect of antiallergic drugs is reduced. I began to take medicine at the end of Feburary till the last year.

But I could not identify any benefit of antiallergic drugs. Still I suffered during taking medicine. So I quitted utilizing medication this year.

However, I felt extremely sick. At last, I decided to consult a doctor, to ask a prescription of medicine.

I have tried some types of drug. My favorite was fexofenadine because it did not cause drowsiness. At this time the doctor prescribed levocetirizine hydrochloride for me. It will be better. I wish the extinction of all kinds of pollen.

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