Thursday, August 29, 2013

X-Men and psychiatry (2)

X-Men and Psychiatry (1)

Well, there are some common points between the mutation in X-Men series and mental disorders.

(1) Sudden onset
Some mutant abilities occur all at sudden. It confuses the person who acquires the mutation so much.
Mental disorders are also not predictable.

(2) Genetic factors
Mutation is explained as transformation of a gene. The relationship between lots of mental disorders and genetic factors are proven. Thus, if occurred, the parents tend to blame themselves and his/her partner.

(3) Potentially awesome
Some mutants possess a great power. They try to use the power to change the world.
Mental disorders are deemed as gifted in some contexts, such as shamanism. There are also talented patients with developmental disorders.

(4) Usually quite troublesome
Although some mutations give the person incredible power, most of the mutants are annoyed by his/her own mutation. Some of them cannot control themselves. It causes more troubles.
Mental disorders are also serious problems for the patients, of course.

(5) Sometimes discriminated
Mutants have to conceal their own ability to avoid being abused by other people. Unfortunately, patients with mental disorders are often stigmatized. It is quite problematic.

(6) Curability is controversial
In X-Men 3 (The Last Stand), the method to eliminate mutation, "Cure" was invented. Whether the mutation is to be cured is the main theme of this work.
In the real world, some mental disorders are completely curable. However, most of them are difficult. Some associations of the patients claim that mental disorders should not be cured, but to be alive with.

The last point is a complicated issue. It lets X-Men 3 quite suggestive.

(To be continued)

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