Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keyboard trouble repaired with update of the BIOS

One day, the keyboard of My PC began not to work correctly, all at sudden.
When I hit several keys sequentially, some letters did not appear.

I confirmed that it was a mechanical error, for this PC was for mobile use and I always equipped it in my business bag.
Therefore, I called for a help of the customers' center of Panasonic.

The result was far from my imagination.
An operator of the technical support asked me to update the BIOS.
After updated, this malfunction vanished immediately. My keyboard worked quite smooth.

He taught me that Windows 8 often rewrote some drivers of the machine without permission. It may cause an error. The adaptations of newly BIOS can repair this kind of errors.

I was impressed that the customer support made use for me.

Panasonic is situated in a peril. To be honest, I do not like this machine so much. Nonetheless, Panasonic is a lovely company for me.

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