Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tricking employees in franchises

Recently, several cases that an employee acts inappropriately in the store occurs frequently in Japan.

For example, a part timer working at a convenience store took a photograph in which he lay in a cooler, instead of the ice cream. He uploaded the photo to the internet. He might think that he was just joking, but many people criticized his behavior. After that the head of the franchise made an apologize and dismissed the store itself. At last this convenience store was bankrupted.

There are other news. A man working at a hamburger store published a photo that he lay on a hamburger. Another man pushed a barcode reader into his crotch. I remember a case that an employee working at a beef bowl store heaped a bowl with extremely large amounts of beef to call it "tera sized!".
In each case, the employer decided to punish the criminal.

This kind of behavior seem to become a fashion in Japan. JCast news summarized them (in Japanese).
There are a lot of comments to the site. Most of them blame the criminals severely and claim that harsh punishment should be adapted to them. Their tone annoyed me. They seem to want to exile all the criminals. Actually, most of the criminals are normal, and rather stupid boys, I think.

I am interested in the reason why the criminals cause many troubles one after another.

I guess that the criminal intended only making a fun. To begin with, it is doubtful that these behaviors are worth to be called crimes.
Then, the criminal must not want to make a critical trouble after his trick.

Most of whom make an idea of this kind of trick gain the information via the internet. If so, it is no doubt that they have seen the undesired result from this trick. Nonetheless, they did act the behavior, to be punished.
Maybe, they did not consider that they would be identified. At least, they thought that they were not associated with the cases with punishment at all.

It is a little dangerous.
I think it is possible that the people who blamed the criminal strongly would be involved in a similar case.


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  1. Presumably, such kind of stupid behaviors have been common since old days. Sometimes I heard that old "young guys", who are now 40 or 50 years old, speak about their old stupid behavior. Sometimes they walked outside without any clothes after drinking a lot of alcohol... The big difference between now and old days is internet and SNS. Human beings do not change, technologies change.