Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blogger Summit 2013 in Shibuya (2)

Blogger Summit 2013 in Shibuya (1)

So, I went to a Bloggers' event yesterday.
It seemed that about 500 people participated in the conference.

The conference included a total of 6 sessions which took one hour respectively. Some speakers talked about their experience and opinion in Each session. The theme is below;

(1) The history of blog during ten years
(2) From Personal Blogs into Blog Media
(3) Blog services in the future (sponsor session)
(4) Video Bloggers
(5) The balance between Blog and Life
(6) Meaning of Writing a Blog

All of the panelists were famous, some of whom I knew well. One of the panelists in each session except session 4 was a woman. It may be an intention of the administrator.

I got some valuable ideas from each session.

First of first, successful bloggers are quite fond of writing a blog. Of course it is quite natural, for quitted bloggers would not be invited to this conference. Nevertheless, the presenters seemed happy to publish their opinions. Some bloggers said that the blog was definitely himself.

And continuity is also a power. A presenter recommended to continue writing if you wanted to be admired. According to her, most of the competing blogs vanished for some years.

It is also referred that techniques can change the world. For example, permanent link is deemed to be an innovation to make blog valuable. If this scheme were not established, it would be doubtful if blog archives are so useful.

Criticism via internet was also argued. I was impressed with the opinion that words of abuse were thankful, as it means that one person had already read your blog to make a comment.
Actually, some tweets about the event were introduced at the meeting. Some of them were quite severe. However, the presenters replied to them sincerely.

In Japan, bloggers are not likely to name themselves as bloggers. So, this event "Blogger Summit" seemed a little odd to some people.
The administrator compared blogger to driver. Nowadays driving is a common skill in the society. Some people never drive a car. On the other hand, some people like driving very much. There are also some professional drivers. It is as the same as bloggers. Anyone wants to express something can write a blog. The development of IT has enabled it.

The conference had some disadvantages. Question time was not prepared at all. I would be glad if I had heard about making a blog effectively in daily life in detail. The presenters were all extraordinarily talented. They lacked the sense of citizen who is not engaged in blog so much. On the other hand, only few participants can earn money with blog. Most of us write a blog as a hobby.

Above all, it was an exciting conference. I appreciate the administrator, presenters, staffs, sponsors and all participants.

See you, bloggers!

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