Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blogger Summit coming

I applied to Blogger Summit 2013 which will be held on August 24.

Blogger Summit 2013 (in Japanese)

This is an event for bloggers to discuss and make a communication for each other. The conference will be held at Shibuya, Tokyo. The key speakers include Mr. Motohiko Tokuriki, Mr. Daisuke Tsuda, Mr. Masato Kogure, and a lot of famous bloggers.

As you know I am not a famous blogger, but a nameless one. On the other hand, I guess few persons writing a blog in English will attend the conference. The official language of this conference is Japanese. So native English speakers hardly participate in the event. I hope some English bloggers living in Japan whom I know will attend the conference.

According to the email I received, over 600 persons have applied to attend the conference. Moreover, the commissioner is willing to let the participants to invite persons who read blogs.

If you hope to attend this conference, I am glad to invite you.
I expect we will enjoy this time. And I will report the conference on this site later.

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