Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sherlock Homes and license of detective

The UK is a great country. There are a lot of products in the UK. Among them, I love Sherlock Homes.

Mr. Sherlock Homes is a world famous character in the novels  written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is the most popular detective. His logical thinking style fascinates a lot of people.

He was born in the late19th century, but even now some creators are trying to produce new works related Sherlock Homes.

"Sherlock Homes" and "Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows" are the movies published in 2009-2011 in which Mr. Robert Downey Jr. acted a role of Sherlock Homes. In this series, Homes and Watson are described as tough guys, changed from previous images. Many action scenes are included in them.

In 2010, BBC broadcasted "Sherlock" as a TV series. This series is drastically arranged from the original one. The story is set in modern England. Dr. Watson is a blogger! Several high-tech machines are involved in the plot.

Of course I like Sherlock Homes very much. I have visited Baker Street where Sherlock Homes lived in.

Unfortunately, if Sherlock Homes revived now, he would not be able to work well. The England and Wales have decided to make a legislation upon private investigator.

BBC News: Private detectives to need licence

The Home Office in the UK is planning to give licenses for particular detectives who have passed the check.
Sherlock Homes has Cocaine dependency. So he would never be allowed to gain a license. How miserable!

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