Sunday, August 18, 2013

Game of Thrones

Recently, I began to watch the series of "Game of Thrones".

IMDb: Game of Thrones
Wikipedia: Game of Thrones

These are fantasy drama TV series created by HBO. The original story was written by Mr. Geroge R. Martin, as "A Song of Ice and Fire". I knew this title before, for was advertising it via Kindle. So I was interested in it, but had not read.

The story of Game of Throne is quite complicated. There are a lot of people appeared in this story. The main issue is a battle to become a ruler of seven kingdoms. Some relatives of the king are very ambitious. Some ladies wonder if they are truly loved. Even in the fantasy world, it is not different from the real that everyone is worried about their own lives.

I bought a box of blue-ray discs of the first season. The English version is cheaper than Japanese one. Unfortunately, it is too difficult for me to understand the elocution in English. So I watched a Japanese version DVD which I rented first.

The graphic is extremely beautiful. It is interesting that some erotic scenes are included. I heard that the original story had more aggressive expression, such as a marriage of children. Nonetheless, there are sexual scenes with nude breasts of women in every chapter. I feel it is a little excessive. We cannot let children watch this.

The series will be continued longer. I expect the sequel.


(**more sequel)

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