Wednesday, August 28, 2013

X-Men and psychiatry (1)

I love American comics movies as I wrote past. My favorite is X-Men series.

There are 5 films of X-Men movies. The newest one "The Wolverine" is coming soon in Japan. To be honest, I could not wait for it so I pre-ordered a BD of it via

There are many fascinating factors of X-Men. Marvelous abilities the heroes possess are quite gorgeous. SFX is amazing. The storyline is deep and great. Moreover the metaphor under the setting of this series is suggestive.

The heroes of X-Men are mutant. They have extraordinary abilities, such as splendid power, healing factor, manipulating something, telepathy, and so on. However, their abilities seldom make them happy. Mutants are discriminated in the society. In addition, some of them cannot control their own power. It sometimes causes a tragedy.

It is a common interpretation that mutant is a metaphor of minorities such as black or homosexuals. If you belong to some kind of minorities, you will sympathize with mutants. X-Men are the symbol of bastards. They are splendid, but are never accepted.

So, I supposed that mutants are the same of mental disorders.

This assumption is quite fittable. After watching X-Men 3, my hypothesis became to a confirmation.

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