Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blogger Summit 2013 in Shibuya (1)

As I mentioned past, yesterday I attended the Blogger Summit 2013.

The conference was held at Belle Salle Shibuya First, a conference hall.
It was a huge tower.

This building was constructed by Sumitomo RD.

The title of the conference is displayed.

The hall is quite large. The promoter said there would be a thousand of participators.
I arrived at the hall 30 minutes before the opening. The front seats were occupied.

Gradually, participators were coming.

The promoter was Mr. Motohiko Tokuyuki. He is a pleasant man. I saw him the other day for the first time, to appreciate him.

Several companies, including some famous global ones sponsored this event. It is the reason why we did not have to pay the entry fee.

Furthermore, some amenities were presented. These were, a notebook, energy drink, a series of seals, and a round fan.

In the back of the hall, there was a branch for selling something to eat.

The promoter published that 1,012 people had applied to this conference. According to him, about one-third of them had cancelled, so 700 people might visit here.

A total of 6 sessions was performed for 6 hours. I was a little exhausted.

After the conference, dinner party was held. Kentucky Fried Chicken offered foods for free.

Coca-Cola, Sapporo and Suntory Beer were also available.

I left the hall soon after the beginning of the dinner party. I hope the party grew.

I will write about the content of the conference tomorrow.

(To be continued)

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