Monday, March 4, 2013

PC remote control crime cases

Japanese police is implicated in a crime game now.

In 2012, a juvenile guy was arrested because he was deemed to make a notice of a massacre at the internet. He made a confession about his crime, to be punished with the observation by the probation office.

Similar cases of notice of murders occurred subsequently. Some of the suspected were found to not guilty.
One person was prosecuted with the suspect of attempt for airplane bombing. However, it was found that the evidence showed that the PC of the suspect had been cracked by a malware which could manipulate it. It showed the possibility this suspect was innocent. So the prosecution was cancelled.

Then, some mysterious reports were sent to some mass media and lawyers.
In these reports, the author introduced self as the true culprit. And it was proved to be true, as the reports said about the series of crimes in detail. The cracker made a malware to control PCs of other people, to make them out to be blackmailers.

Everybody was astonished about it.

The cracker sent more reports including defiant puzzles, insulting the police.

On Feb 10, one person was arrested. The suspect is continuing to deny the crime still now. The prosecutor is investigating him.
Today, a would-be true culprit published his comment via internet. It is possible that he was just pretending to be the cracker for a fun.
The situation is still chaotic.

A case of PC remote control: Wikipedia (in Japanese)
*This Wiki describes the cases extremely in detail. It is also amazing.

Police False Arrests in Remote Control Virus Case Criticized: Japan Crush

These series of case are very horrible. I feel that as if Sci-Fi.
And many considerations are given to us.

The first suspected is truly innocent but the person confessed to the offense he had not done. It is possible that investigation of police and prosecutors forced him to make a lie. This is also terrible matter.

Mass media in Japan tend to report the cases as if the suspect were true criminal when the suspect is arrested. I think this is a vicious habit. Even if the suspect was proved to be innocent, it is difficult for him to recover his social honor.

Moreover, these cases show that we are all not able to be apart from crime. Cybercrimes and terrorism is nearer to us now.


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