Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taiwan visiting for the second time

I visited Taiwan again, for business this time.

The institutions we visited are very fine and well constructed.
And I am thankful that workers there were willing to welcome us.
A forensic mental health system for patients with addiction in Taiwan is very interesting. I will write a report about this.

Taiwan is very friendly to Japanese. They are influenced by Japan. I found several objects from Japan.
This is "UFO catcher", a prize game machine.

On the other hand, Taiwan has unique historical culture.

After the working, I visited the National Palace Museum (Kokyu Hakubutsukan) at Taipei. About 700,000 amazing artifacts are preserved in this huge building.
Taking photographs is prohibited in the museum, except at the entrance hall.

I also visited Hsing Tian Kong ( Xingtian Temple).

This temple is dedicated to Guan Yu, a general in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
Guan Yu was said to be a fair and loyal man. So he is set up as a god of trade now.
Actually, I do not like Guan Yu so much. I think he was a little arrogant. Nonetheless Guan Yu is one of ancient superhero.

I am satisfied to look into Taiwan very much. I want to visit there again and again.

(For the first time: Journey in Taiwan)

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