Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mr. Livedoor released

Yesterday, Mr. Takafumi Horie, past president of Livedoor was paroled.

Mr. Horie was an entrepreneur to establish Livedoor, an IT Company. He was so ambitious that he declared that he would grow up his company to the world biggest one. He had tried to be a Diet member of lower house. He also tried to purchase Fuji television, a popular TV station. But his behavior angered mass media. At last he was arrested in 2006 as a window dresser of financial reports.

After his arrest, Japanese stock piles got dilapidated, so called “Livedoor shock”. Some people said he was too greedy. Some claimed his case was an intrigue of prosecutors and mass media.

I do not know whether his behavior about the case was an evil one or a simple mistake, for this is quite technical matter. Assessing based on his descriptions of mail magazine and Twitter, I think Mr. Horie is just honest to his own desire.

It is said that his arrest withered young Japanese. the Number of young people who prefer to create business rather than be employed by a company is decreased in Japan. Maybe, many people thought risk takers were not rewarded in Japan.

Recently, Mr. Horie himself is concerned about space rocket to go out from the atmosphere. He says he is not interested in IT business now. Actually, he sells weekly mail magazine even during imprisonment to earn 100 million yen by year. He considers that the fastest way to make a dream come true is to get money and gather companions. He is unique and pure guy. I am interested in his action in the future.

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