Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader withdrawal

Google announced that they would stop providing service of Google Reader, a service of news feed reader, in Jun 2013. They said that it was a part of “A second Spring of Cleaning.”

Google has a lot of free services, some of which were terminated. For example Google Health was a service to offer information of health, hospital and pharmacy for users. But it had been discontinued and data of users were deleted completely on Jan 2ND 2013.

Google Reader was deemed as a powerful tool to collect knowledge for individuals seeking newly information, such as bloggers. So it may be astonishing that the service will end for them. Some of a site started a campaign to collect signatures not to end the service. “Google:Keep Google Reader Running” gathered over 75,000 signatures.

Google explains decreasing of users as a reason for discontinuing Google Reader. Actually, there are many social network services (SNS) with which we gather both interesting and precise information now. Also Google has established “Google plus” as an SNS. So value of the news feed is decreasing gradually.
However, the real reason is different, some blogger says. According to them, nowadays it is difficult to monetize Google Reader effectively, and Google has no room to keep services which do not pay.

If it is true, Have Google changed to be evil? In the future, will Facebook or Twitter change as same? Does the world of internet so severe?

Actually, I am not familiar to Google Reader so much. Nonetheless I am sorry to say farewell to Google reader.

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