Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sequels in Mar. 2013

MAR 26, 2013

Election Administration Committee in Hiroshima entered an appeal to the Supreme Court about the decision by Hiroshima High Court as negating the result of past general election.
This appeal is predictable. They have to claim that their work was to be justified. I will watch the final judge of Supreme Court.

MAR 17, 2013

The first plan presented by Cyprus government was denied at the Diet. Instead, deposit over 100,000 euros is taxable for up to 60%, according to The Huffington Post. It is a nightmare for riches. Lots of concerns about the matter remain. The crisis of euro economy has not ended yet.

MAR 12, 2013

According to this article, EU revised the bill about this matter, not to ban all porn movies on the internet. Needless to say, this decision does not mean that violating women’s right is allowed.

MAR 4, 2013

The prosecutor indicted the suspect for some crimes about PC remote control. This means that the prosecution is convinced of his guiltiness. But the situation is still unclear. Defense lawyers are ready to fight.

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