Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ask someone, or examine by yourself

Imagine a situation that you want to know something you are not familiar.
There are two choices. Ask someone or examine by yourself. Which is better?

It is an old question about learning.

Ask someone;
1. It is very easy and quick, if you know a friend who is familiar with what you concern.
2. You can ask repeatedly in detail to understand deeply about the matter.
1. When asked to wrong person, it will not work, often harmful.
2. You robbed a certain time of your friend. Some would be annoyed.

Examine by yourself
1. You can learn about it as far as you wish. You need not disturb anyone.
2. If the matter is so rare that no one around you knows about it, or you hope not to be known that you are concerned about it, you have no choice other than do it yourself.
1. In many cases, examining takes much more time.
2. Learning from books, videos, or websites is usually one-way. You can hardly check your understanding.

Old days for students, ask for help to someone was deemed to be poor behavior for students. Learning from textbooks in a library was ordinary method. And persons with vast knowledge are respected. Possessing valuable books were also important.
However, information technology has changed the world. Now wide knowledge itself has no value. No one can compete against Google search. Cost for information is reduced dramatically. Some amateur bloggers often write more detailed article than specialists. Everyone can become a scholar.
On the other hand, development of social networking let us ask for help to someone who are far away from us. Cost for asking was also decreased.

In the modern age the question above is nearly meaningless.
The true question is: Do you know someone you can trust about the matter? Or have you literacy about it?

Now, the information is not to be asked for but to be evaluated.

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