Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tokyo Medical School discriminates female candidates

Tokyo Medical University, a college to train medical students to be a physician, is harshly criticized for discriminating against women candidates.

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According to the media, the administrator of the entrance examination of Tokyo Medical University had been modulating the score of the candidates. Thus, the scores of all women candidates were reduced by some percentages.

CNN: Japanese medical school allegedly rigged exams to keep women out

The purpose of modulation was clear: preventing women from becoming a doctor. Indeed, female doctors are more likely to leave the job after getting the license compared to male colleagues. The university was concerned about the shortage of medical doctors in the community due to increased female physicians. Therefore, the administrator seemed to decide to suppress the pass rate of female students.

The media also reported comment of an anonymous ex-worker of the university. He said that similar modulations were conducted in every other university. To be honest, I am not sure his comment is correct or not.

It is no doubt that the treatment of Tokyo Medical University is inappropriate regardless of the reason. Equality is an essential element for the entrance examination. Gender, as well as race, religion, and other factors not relevant to the ability to become a doctor should not be justified as the standard of the acceptance.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology accepts some kinds of discriminative policy for colleges. For example, there are some women's colleges in Japan. They aim to improve the situation of education for women. Therefore, male students are not allowed to enter them. By the way, a women's college began to accept male students whose gender identity is female, recently. It is a cool treatment, I think.

Thus, discrimination should be visualized. As far as seeing the discriminative policy, we can judge it based on each idea. The validity of affirmative actions is often discussed. It is just because we know it is a deliberate policy.

However, invisible discrimination cannot be examined. I never accept Tokyo Medical University's policy.

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