Thursday, August 2, 2018

North Korea to launch the missile again

Just a few weeks after the historic conference with the President of the US, North Korea seems to revolve its military activities.

North Korea is suspected to be developing a new missile according to the Washington Post. US' satellites took photos in which a trailer to carry an ICBM and workers around it was seen.

AFP: N. Korea developing new missiles: report

Before the summit with the US, Kim Jong Un, the North Korea's dictator, detonated a domestic missile base as a pose for showing the friendly attitude on the side of the US. But finally, he has not promised to abandon to possess nuclear weapons even at the summit with Donald Trump. He may consider that he would perish when dropping the opportunity to grab ths US in sight of the nuclear missile.

Also, it must be prospected by the US government. The negotiation will enter the next stage, simply.

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