Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cat cafe in Chiba

Recently, I often visit a cat cafe near my home.

Cat cafe is a type of service providing enjoyment with cats. You may visit a zoo in which you can touch some alpaca or other animals. Cat cafe resembles it. You can touch and play with pretty cats in the cafe.

The room is built for cats. There are some spaces for cats to stay relax. You can touch cats, but you are not allowed to hub them because cats do not like it.

In Japan, many people live in an apartment where you are not permitted to have cats or dogs. Also, it is costly to breed cats which have certified blood. In a cat cafe, you easily enjoy seeing such noble cats.

Cat cafe became popular for this decade in Japan, I think. Unfortunately, some cat cafes are terribly managed. I heard a report of a cat cafe in which several cats were killed by infectious disease due to inappropriate hygiene.

My favorite care seems to be administered sincerely. I will visit there again.

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