Thursday, August 9, 2018

Apple, a trillion-dollar company

The value of Apple, a gigantic IT company in the US, reached a trillion-dollar. It is the world record of the history of the stock market.

The Guardian: Apple becomes world's first trillion-dollar company

Apple is 42 years old. It was founded by Steve Jobs, as you know. And he was once exiled because of internal conflict. But Jobs returned to Apple after reviving Pixar Film company. Then, Apple invented iMac as the evolutional machine.

Jobs seemed a genius, but a difficult person. His successor, Tim Cook, looks tenderer than Jobs. He made Apple greater with improving its products and services.

It is no doubt that Apple is the greatest company in the world. However, it is uncertain Apple will keep its dominance. In a sense, Apple has only invented Mac and iPhone. Users are always curious to see something new. We are all expecting the next innovation by Apple, or other companies.

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