Saturday, August 11, 2018

Italy's stupid decision to abandon vaccination

Italy decided to scrap the mandatory vaccination in children.

Italy's upper house voted to abandon the rule demanding children to take 10 kinds of vaccination before entering the school. It will come into force after the vote in the lower house.

Five Star Movement and the League, which consist of the ruling coalition led this argument. Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister, claims that vaccination is useless and dangerous.

Independent: Italian upper house votes to overturn mandatory vaccinations despite surge in measles cases

It is no doubt this Italy's decision is entirely absurd. This stupid policy will take a significant number of people's lives, I believe.

In addition, some Italian children will not be able to study in the UK and other nations. Most countries request foreign students to certify their vaccination history.

You will not be infected in the society most of its member take vaccination even if you do not take the vaccination, because nobody would bring the virus to you. Your safety is guaranteed by others who are vaccinated. Once an outbreak emerges, the outcome without no vaccination will be terrible.

It is a fundamental principle of epidemiology. People with anti-vaccination cannot understand this simple fact.

Also in Japan, some people hate vaccination. Recently, HPV vaccination was no more recommended by the government because of some reports of adverse reaction. Indeed, there are a few people suffering from allergic reactions. Nonetheless, I do not support the idea to decline the vaccination because its benefit is far greater than the risk.

As well, decision making by politicians without scientific literacy is far more dangerous than any strong drugs.

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