Friday, August 10, 2018

Argument continuing about banning niqabs

Denmark decided to ban niqabs and burqas in public, following France, Belgium, and Austria.

Borris Johnson, the former foreign secretary, was criticized for his impolite comments about Islamic clothes. As he is infamous for his rude behavior, I was not surprised to know this.

Independent: Which countries ban wearing niqabs and burqas in public?

The Denmark government claims this legislation is not for suffering Muslims. Indeed, full-faced helmets are inhibited in several public spaces for security reasons. But, I am doubtful this rule should be applied nationally.

Fortunately, the UK and Germany are opposing this regulation. Theresa May and Angela Merkel are correct at least politically, I believe.

On the other hand, I am afraid some evil persons mimic Muslim to commit a robbing with a veil. If happened, the movement for the banning of such clothes would be ignited.

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