Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The end of Macbook

I bought a MacBook last year, as I mentioned in this blog. It was very cute and fascinating.

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However, it became bad recently. Now, I am seriously considering to drop it.

A few months ago, I encountered a trouble with battery charging. It occurred in a foreign country. Therefore, It was very annoying to fix it. Finally, SMC reset resolved the problem.

My past entry: Mac battery charge troubled

Today, similar trouble began again. I inputted the command of SMC reset (Control+Shift+Option+Powe switch) repeatedly. But it took a long time before the system recovered. Even now, battery charging temporarily stops at random.

At the same time, the luminance of the display changes autonomously with a very rapid interval. I disabled the option of the automatic modification of the luminance. But it did not work. Perhaps, the machine misrecognized as the power supply is unstable.

Furthermore, the mouse pointer disappears all at sudden on the Windows. Windows on Bootcamp had been properly working so far. But now, it attempts to update the system coercively despite the fact of the exhausting battery.

These troubles occurred at the same time this week. Of course, I lose some documents I was writing when the trouble emerged.

Enough is enough. This Mac is no more reliable as a business tool.

It is truly disappointing the Mac became crippled only one year after purchasing. Although I loved this device, I should decide to scrap it and replace it with another machine.

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