Saturday, November 25, 2017

China bans Skype

Chinese government led by Communist Party banned Skype from Apple's app store, according to the media.

South China morning Post: Goodbye Skype. China’s internet censorship juggernaut rolls on without its former cyber tsar

China has forbidden the use of Google service so far. Twitter is also unavailable in China. This time, it enhanced the range of censorship to Microsoft's landmark face chat.

In addition to expelling apps, the Chinese government is watching the contents on the internet. It hires many officials to delete the entries deemed unfriendly to the government such as affirmative to Japanese.

I think these attempts by China are no more effective to maintain its monarchy. Poor citizens might be controlled by limiting information. But wealthy people are going to exit from China if it strengthens the regulation. And there are many apps and systems uncontrollable by a single government.

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