Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The end of MacBook, again!

Recently, I mentioned a failure of my MacBook.

My past entry: The end of Macbook

After replacing the cable connecting to AC adapter, the blinking display was fixed. But I was doubtful that the cable was crippled because it was a little expensive and looked solid.
The story did not end. A few days ago, the MacOS notified me about the upgraded OS, High Sierra. Following the instruction, I requested the OS updating.

Then, after several munites, the OS said the update was unsuccessful. The machine automatically rebooted.

And now, the MacOS disappears!

Now, my MacBook is a Windows machine. I can no more access the partition in which MacOS is installed by any means.

I did only follow the instruction of the MacOS. But, the OS destroyed the machine completely.

I believe it is the time to farewell to Mac, eternally.

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