Sunday, November 26, 2017

Is pilotless flight feasible?

Airbus, a famous aircraft provider, is planning to offer pilotless planes.

According to the article below, aircraft manufacturers are eager to develop an innovational AI program that can drive an airplane without any human control.

Independent: Airbus is looking towards a future of pilotless planes

This idea looks fantastic but is unrealistic at present. Several technological challenges should be overcome. Today, the stable flight on the sky has been already automated. But, taking off and landing are still complicated tasks for the computer.

In addition, if an airplane can fly by itself, it is unsure if people are fond of riding on it.

On the other hand, an excellent AI will enable single-person operation of the airplane. Currently, both chief pilot and co-pilot are necessary for an aircraft. If only one skilled pilot is needed for a flight, airline companies will be able to offer more flight plans. Furthermore, the cost for training pilots will be reduced.

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