Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Australia is prepared to legalize same-sex marriage

A poll conducted recently suggests that Australians accept same-sex marriage.

This poll was administered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. More than three-quarters of citizens participated in this poll. The result was that more than 60% of the voters support same-sex marriage whereas about 40% are opposing.

Reuters: Australians support same-sex marriage in survey, paving way for legislation

Following this result, the government encouraged the parliament to establish a new legislation for permitting same-sex marriage.

It is unsure the attempt at legalizing same-sex marriage will be successful. There may be a considerable amount of lawmakers who are conservative on this issue. There have been several disputes regarding multiculturalism so far in Australia. The sexual minority is not an exception to the point of argument.

In my opinion, there are no reasons not permit same-sex marriage as long as the couple is accepting each other. By the way, the scheme of marriage itself will be terminated in the near future, I guess.

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