Thursday, November 2, 2017

Drunk vehicles were banned from Amsterdam

The judge in Amsterdam ruled to exile beer bikes, vehicles offering alcohol to customers, from the city.

International Business Times: Amsterdam introduces beer bike ban after residents complain about drunk tourists

Beer bike had been a symbol of Amsterdam. Many people including tourists enjoyed drinking on the bike. However, some tourists’ rude behaviors were focused on citizens. Loud voice, chaotic trample, and even urination in public by drunk people annoyed citizens. At last, the judge accepts the request of banning beer bikes submitted by thousands of citizens.

Amsterdam has encouraged to invite foreign tourists. Its attempt is successful, but the rapid increase of tourists brought adverse effects. In recent years, the city is struggling to control entry of tourists rather than welcoming them.

Since I do not drink, I have no idea of beer bike. I wonder the banning of beer bike could reduce the nuisance of the city. Few tourists will abandon drinking due to lack of beer bike. On the other hand, outdoor drinking space would make us bold.

The conflict between citizens and tourists is more serious. It is an essential issue named as “innocent tourist.” More or less, we make troubles while traveling. Citizens have to endure some rude behaviors by foreign tourists in exchange for public income.

Of course, every citizen has the right to enjoy their calm life, though. I believe the decision by citizens' request is acceptable.

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