Friday, November 24, 2017

List of dangerous toys

World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, released a list of 10 potentially dangerous toys.

International Business Times: Consumer safety group unveils world's 'worst toys' list

The list includes Wonder Woman's blade, Spiderman's drone, and some other popular goods for children. WATCH is continuing lobby activity for expelling such toys for children's safety.

Referring the list, there seem several points of discussion. Small parts of a toy can be swallowed by a toddler, to cause a chocking. To prevent the accident, most providers address fail-safe, such as making a hole at the center of each part. I have heard Nintendo put bitter-flavored coats on any game cards of Switch so that children would not eat them.

On the other hand, rotating blades are inevitably equipped with a drone. WATCH warns that the blades can do damage to children's body. The limit setting of the age of users is a realistic solution for this issue. Parents should not give their toddlers a drone.

The claim of WATCH that Wonder Woman's sword is dangerous does not make sense. There are no imitation swords made of metal or plastic free from the risk of harm. People can blow others with a mini-car, or X-BOX One. It is an issue of usage, not the product. I guess Wonder Woman was utilized as a scapegoat.

Of course, toy companies are responsible for making their products safe as much as possible. The activity of WATCH is worthy of the society. But, I think the list itself is not sophisticated.


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