Thursday, October 1, 2015

Charged case of homosexual man in Tunisia

In Tunisia, a man was sentenced to one year imprisonment for having an anal sex.

Human Rights Watch: Tunisia: One-Year Sentence for Homosexuality

In Tunisia, homosexuality is deemed as a criminal offense, regardless of their gender. LGBT people seem having a great challenge to live in Tunisia.

Human Rights Watch harshly criticizes this decision. The man punished by the Tunisian law was threatened to be sued for a murder of an irrelevant case unless he confesses the homosexual act. This kind of bargain is also unfair in the sense of due process.

In Tunisia, anal examination by a forensic physician is conduced in the case which sodomy is suspected. Forced examination of one's anus to detect an evidence of frequent sexual activity may be abusive, according to Human Rights Watch. I agree with this opinion. First of all, I am doubtful that visual investigation of an anus can clarify his sexual habits.

Tunisia is one of the most developed countries in Africa. It has been culturally influenced by both Middle East and Europe. Most of Tunisians are Muslim. But their ideology is not so extreme. Tunisian legislation has dismissed the polygamy and shawl-wearing which are traditional customs in Islamic culture. Tunisia is considered in which women have the highest social position in the Arabic region. In contrast, homosexual people are still discriminated.

I think incarcerating gay and lesbians is a ridiculous idea. They never committed a crime. Also, they would not change their sexual preference by punishment.

On the other hand, it is not easy for Tunisia to alter the ideology. Formerly, homosexual activity was deemed as immoral, or a devil's act, in many countries. It was only some decades ago that LGBT was partially accepted in the society. In Japan, same sex marriage is still not permitted in the civil law.

There are many customs being looked as meaningless or barbaric all over the world. Mandatory circumcision is an example. This outdated custom has made many people physically and mentally damaged. However, the thought that circumcision is irrational is not accepted in the region in which it has been conducted for a long time.

Also, there are also some disputes about traditional customs. Tube feeding to make fole gras is broadly criticized by animal welfare promoters, but I do not think we should abandon fole gras.

Human and other species rights are complicated concept. We always have to respect them. At the same time, we should listen to other people's opinion even if their claim sounds irrational.

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