Saturday, October 3, 2015

Parcel bombs cases in China

Explosions occurred again at several areas in China. On September 30, at least ten people were killed by parcel bombs delivered to shopping center, a hospital, a prison, and government offices in Guangxi region. Initial investigation identified 17 parcel bombs to have caused the explosions. Over 60 suspicious parcels were found, to be investigated by the specialists.

The Telegraph: Seven dead in 'parcel bomb' explosions at 17 sites in Chinese town

Chinese authority denied the possibility of terrorism, and named a 33-year-old man as a suspect. But the whole figure of the cases was not clarified.

(This photo, provided by Ashinari, is not relevant to the content of this entry.)

The next day, another blast was observed . No casualties were reported. It is unclear if it is connected to the cases in the previous day.

CNN: Deadly parcel bombs rock southern China region of Guangxi

The media reports are confused. The man who was suspected to have created the bombs was killed by one of the blast, according to the media. Other media reported that he was been arrested.

BBC: Guangxi parcel bombs: China investigates fresh blast

South China Morning Post: Suspect in Guangxi parcel bomb attacks confirmed dead

It is also unsure if the man conducted the sequential bombing by himself. Some people other than him seem to have sent the parcel bombs to each destination.

The motivation of these deadly crimes is far from my imagination. There is serious conflict between citizens and the local government in the issued region. Recently, Liuzhou City government of Guangxi extended the central square with forcibly removing the houses of residents nearby. The suspect had been arrested for protesting this act.

I hardly understand the statement of Chinese government not deeming the act of sending explosives to several buildings as a terrorism. Chinese government seems quite nervous in igniting the fear of citizens. This cases may be terminated with the death of the perpetrator. However, there are still several potential bombs all over China.

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