Monday, October 19, 2015

Journey to Hokkaido

Last weekend, I visited Hokkaido for some purposes.

At first I visited Hokkaido University.

There were hundreds of Ginkgo trees.

I saw splendid colored leaves there.

I ate an Uni Donburi (sea urchin bowl) at Uni Murakami near to Sapporo station. It is one of my favorite foods. I eat it whenever I visit Sapporo.

After the lunch, I saw the musical "CATS" at Sapporo Shiki Theater.

CATS is a great musical show. I have seen it several times in Japan, as well as in London twice. There are several differences in the contents of CATS between Japan and London. In Japan, "Rampus Cat" was omitted. The both are marvelous.

My past entry: CATS, the meaning of life and memory

At night, I met one of my ex-colleague who got a post here recently. He was skillful and eager to acquire more knowledge. I enjoyed a very fruitful conversation with him.

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