Monday, October 26, 2015

Oslo will partially be free from cars

Oslo is going to set a car-free region in it. It means that any cars will be banned from the center of the capital. It will be carried out by 2019, according to local politicians.

Reuters: Oslo aims to make city center car-free within four years

Some rural areas in Europe, such as Zermatt has regulated the usage of cars for protecting the nature. But it will be for the first time that car-banning is introduced in the capital city.

It is unclear whether electric vehicles are also banned. In terms of environmental issue, e-cars are accepted. But they will also be a cause of traffic accident.

It is afraid that citizens who Commute by car will be negatively affected if the regulation is carried out. Nowadays, a quarter of Norwegian commute either on foot or by bicycle. And 83 percent of residents in the issued area are estimated to have good access to public transportation. Also, the government has committed to invest in public transportation. The plan seems not so ambitious than it is looked.

The Atlantic: The Car-Free City

Air pollution caused by vehicles would still be a significant problem even if Volkswagen did not violate the regulation. Also in Japan, diesel cars not to meet the standard are prohibited from entering Tokyo.

My past entry: Volkswagen emission scandal

However, it is unclear how are each restriction practical to save the earth. If some areas in Oslo become free from car emission, the wind brings polluted air from other regions. After all, global commitment is necessary to keep the whole environment stable. It is sure that Politicians in Oslo are aware of this fact, and are expecting other cities to follow Oslo.

Ecology is an imperfect science. Nobody can predict the future. We should keep an eye on both our surrounding and the global trend.

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