Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oscar Pistorius will be released in this month.

He was convicted of a manslaughter the last year, and is incarcerated. But he will be permitted to serve the rest term under house arrest as first ten months of incarceration will be over without issues.

He shot his girlfriend. He insisted that he misidentified that she had been an intruder. The judge approved his claim. But the prosecutor made an appeal based on the idea that he deliberately killed the victim.

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In South African law, prisoners with a sentence of fewer than five years can appeal to be released earlier to the full term of incarceration. Similar legislation is equipped in many countries.

International Business Times: Oscar Pistorius to be released from jail after serving one year for killing Reeva Steenkamp

Some people criticize the fact that a murderer is going back to the society only after a year from the crime. On the other hand, incarceration for a long time hardly improve the skills for adapting the society of the perpetrator.

By the way, the family of the victim said that they did not want Pistorius suffer excessively, despite considering that ten months were not enough as the term of incarceration.

In Japan, the mass media, as well as the police and prosecutor, tend to publish the comment of the victims or their families in which the perpetrator should be harshly punished. I am doubtful that every Japanese wants to revenge the victims. Or if so, I have to say that Japanese are still uncivilized. Harsh punishment never relieves anyone. It will not act as a deterrent, either, as far as referring recent studies.


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