Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Twitter account was suspended

Recently, I was disappointed to the Page View (PV) of this blog reduced. I know the fact that my entries do not deserve to attract many people's attention. Nonetheless, it is stressful to see the PV line sluggish on the bottom.

(This photo is not relevant to this entry.)

Yesterday, I noticed that recent entries were not seen on Facebook. I have set it up in advance that the introduction of each entry is posted to Facebook and Twitter automatically after writing the blog. But no recent entries were seen on the timeline.

I tried to enter the Twitter with my English account. I have two accounts of Twitter: one is Japanese, and the other is English. And I have ordered IFTTT to redirect the heading of the entry I wrote on the English account of Twitter. The timeline of Twitter in English is linked to that of Facebook.

My past entry: IFTTT, connecting internet services

However, I failed to log into Twitter. The reason was that my account had been suspended. Twitter has a policy in which it is prohibited to utilize Twitter only for automatic posting. Thus, my account was misidentified as a BOT.

I had to reactivate my account with certification using the mobile phone. After doing the procedure, my account was revived without problems.

Now, I am willing to post some tweets in English every day. Please do not miss them! My account is @Akihiro_Shiina.

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