Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Uber won in London, but faces more lawsuits

Uber, a newly online car hiring service is facing many lawsuits, being not rare as a destructive innovator.

In London, whether its GPS-based faring system is deemed as a taxi meter was argued. Latest judge by the High court declined the appeal of Licensed Taxi Drivers Association. It means that Uber is able to continue its business without any regulation adapted to taxi companies.

International Business Times: Uber claims 'victory for new technology' as high court rules taxi app is legal in London

As I wrote previously, Uber is a strong competitor for conventional taxi companies. Even they admit that they are not able to match Uber in terms of the fare. At the same time, they appealed to the court, claiming that Uber was breaching the rule for taxi providers.

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In London, there is a movement to introduce a new rule. According to Transport for London, the new legislation will prohibit the apps such as Uber from showing the vehicle to the rider for five minutes after receiving a request for the car.

London proposes stricter norms for app-based taxi firms like Uber and Hailo

To be honest, I hardly understand the meaning of this five-minutes rule. Boris Johnson, the London mayor, wants to reduce the number of the cabs in London to ease the road congestion. However, it is far from clear this rule can improve the traffic environment. Actually, over 100,000 Londoners have signed to the opposition to the induction of the rule.

International Business Times: London taxi wars: 100,000 back Uber petition against strict TfL rules for minicabs

It is frequently seen that the stakeholders of a conservative organization are eager to abate the newly technologies from being a competitor. As a result, evolution of the society is interfered. In Paris, a similar legislation has been already introduced.

Uber are exposed to lawsuits in many other countries. In some cases, the occupational status of Uber drivers is discussed. When a driver make an accident, or rape the rider, who is responsible for it? It is more complicated than the power game of competitive companies, because the right of the users should be protected. Otherwise, immature services will soon perish.

More or less, taxi-driving services are going to decline. If Uber were not here, Google car would replace their seat. They are facing a decisive point.

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