Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You must not use Pepper for sexual purpose

Pepper, produced by SoftBank, is the first robot with emotion for consumers. It reacts to users with voice, face, and arms. It looks so attractive that all Peppers offered have been sold out immediately after the beginning of sales.

SoftBank: Pepper (in Japanese)

In its user agreement form, there is an interesting sentence. The matters prohibited to the owners of Pepper include any sexual act or other indecent behaviors.

International Business Times: Do not have sex with our robots, Japanese firm warns users

This article ignited the concern of geeks. Obviously, Pepper has no sex organ. Did the provider imagine the scene in which the user make use of Pepper for his or her sexual activity?

According to Japanese media, SoftBank simply intends to forbid the utilization of Pepper for illegal or indecent purposes. It is difficult for me now to imagine how to use Pepper for improper activity. But someone will invent abusive usage of Pepper soon. It is natural that SoftBank never permits improper utilization of Pepper.

J Cast: [Sexual activity as a forbidden matter: What kind of situation?] (in Japanese)

By the way, robots for sexual usage are also under consideration. Some people, for example, physically challenged or astronauts, may have a need for their help. On the other hand, some people are opposing to the development of sexual robots because they will destroy the sexual relationship between people. Actually, robots will be able to supply better ecstasy physically than the human partner. In addition, there are no risks for venereal diseases.

I guess robots will be popular in the sex industry in the near future. It may lead to the lowered birth rate. I am not sure the future will be a happier era in this sense.

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