Thursday, September 10, 2015

Divorce get easier in Catholics

Pope Francis unveiled the reformed procedure required in the case of divorce. It makes easier for the spouses to separate.

The Catholic doctrine forbids the adherents divorcing. They have to prove that the marriage has been invalid since its beginning if they would like to separate. The process of divorce is complex, and implies a large amount of money. Two Church tribunals had been needed to annul a marriage. The reform will reduce it to only one and dismiss the automatic appeal.

This reform is quite radical. Catholic has substantially kept strict principles about the familial relationship. Abortion is also argued frequently, for example in some states of the US. I guess there was a considerable magnitude of opposition against Pope Francis.

Recently, Pope Francis expresses his opinion more frequently than the past. He sometimes refers to the issue of refugees and climate change. I think it is for attracting public attention to Catholic society. Although Catholic has still had a power upon many regions, its influence is getting weaker gradually. Concerned persons seem afraid that the authority of religions would be lost in near future.

It may be regrettable that, the divorce rate is increasing in almost all areas, regardless of which religion is dominant. Some people think the relaxation of the standard will affect people's faith adversely. On the other hand, the too strict regulation would make many people outlaws, such as non-married spouses. In my opinion, creating a more flexible rule of divorce is unavoidable.

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