Monday, September 28, 2015

All we are slaves

In Japan, there is a word "shachiku" in fashion recent years. It is an artificial word being combined with "sha (company)" and "ka-chiku (livestock)." So, shachiku is a word to mock a person who belongs to a corporation and depend on it so that he or she devotes all to it.

I think Shachiku, so-called company-slave is an idea which is hardly understood in foreign countries. In the US, most employees frequently change their job for a better salary. In some European countries, the rights of laborers are strictly protected by the legislation and unions. Why should I sacrifice myself for the organization I belong to temporarily? Ridiculous!

In contrast, you have a difficulty to change jobs in Japan. Many companies hesitate to employ the persons who had belonged to a competitor previously. Unemployment insurance is not adequately supplied in Japan compared to other developed countries. In addition, unemployed persons are often discriminated in the society.

Therefore, many Japanese employees are fearful of losing their job. Actually, dismissing an employee is quite difficult in Japanese legislation. Instead, some companies encourage the employees who do not contribute to the sales to leave their jobs spontaneously. There have some cases in which employees were harassed systematically in the office. Only a few employees rely on the court, labor standard bureau, or other authorities, to keep their position. I guess a considerable amount of workers has no choice other than quitting against their desire.

Otherwise, they have to attract their boss continuously, not to be listed up to the subjects of such treatment. They accept all requests of the boss and the company they belong to, even if their activity is not appropriate. I have to say that it looks like a behavior of a slave.

In Japan, many people commit suicide, as I wrote repeatedly. One of the reason is the financial problem, as well as interpersonal stresses. I think the inflexible employment may attribute the background of the suicide.

Considering this situation, some people insist the importance of financial independence. Most of the people who like to use the word "shachiku" have an experience of leaving a company based on their own will. They encourage employees to quit the job and become an entrepreneur. Some of their words are agitating, as if everyone should be free from slavery.

I approve their stance. Belonging to an organization is somehow annoying. On the other hand, I am doubtful if they are entirely free.

Indeed, you can be independent immediately after quitting the company. But, you have to deal with customers after launching your own business. There are many annoying customers, as well as bosses. You can kill the relationship with arrogant customers if you would like, but your income would be damaged. In this sense, you would be a slave of such customers.

Also, you cannot escape from the environment. For example, I am a psychiatrist. I can launch my own clinic if I would like. I would never have to bow to my ex-boss. However, the consultation fee in the health insurance system is strictly regulated in Japan. I will always keep an eye on the movement of the regulation if I am independent. The government easily lowers the income of clinics. It means that I would be a slave of the government, doesn't it?

You perhaps would like to gain a political power. If you were a president of the nation, you would have been completely independent. Sure? Never! Barack Obama is always negotiating with the lawmakers to proceed the policy he would like to achieve. Candidates for his successor are struggling to gain the support of the citizens. All we have to depend on other persons' will, unless you are the dictator. Finally, a dictator will be betrayed soon.

In conclusion, all we are slaves. It is not shameful at all. The matter is which you choose to devote yourself.

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