Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mike Tyson's Bitcoin ATM

Mike Tyson, a legendary ex-boxing fighter was named as one of Bitcoin promoter. Bitcoin ATM has been introduced in Las Vegas owing to his financial support.

Motherboard: Behold, the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM

There are some Bitcoin ATMs with which you can easily buy Bitcoin in the US. But this is the first time for Bitcoin ATM to make a partnership with a celebrity. Rising of Tyson ATM will aid the spread of Bitcoin.

CoinDesk: Bitcoin ATM map

In addition, Las Vegas is well known as a city of gamble. Some shops accept Bitcoin for the payment. Bitcoin's volatile price may attract gamblers' attention. I think it was clever for Tyson to choose Las Vegas as the place to throw Bitcoin ATM.

However, there is a rumor that Tyson was deceived. Bitcoin Brands, which is connected to this project, has quite less value than Tyson expected, said Duncan Riley.

International Business Times: Mike Tyson Bitcoin cash machines coming to Las Vegas

I am not sure about the truth. It is certain that Bitcoin is sometimes utilized by antisocial agencies. There are several fraud cases regarding Bitcoin.

My past entry: Bitcoin fraud case in New Jersey

Compared to the past, the price of Bitcoin has been stabilized. Ironically, the more Bitcoin is trusted as a currency, the less it looks attractive as an item for speculation.

I think Bitcoin will infiltrate into our daily life gradually, but it is difficult for Bitcoin to threaten the conventional financial system, at least for a while. When Bitcoin has overwhelmed the usual currencies in the future, the concept of nations would ultimately change.


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