Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to overcome jet lag

I was suffering from jet lag when I came to Japan in August.

Jet lag is a kind of dysfunction of the circadian rhythm. You equip a time clock in the body. When you encounter the time difference due to an international airplane trip, your body will be confused by the gap between your instinct and the environment. You may have insomnia at night and sleepiness in the daytime.

Jet lag was not seen in the ancient era because of the lack of fast transportation. Nowadays, many business persons and tourists are annoyed by jet lag. To avoid the jet lag, several methods have been proposed.

5 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

In summary, how do you do in the airplane is crucial. As a standard, you have to be awake strategically. You should be aware of the time in your destination after riding the jet. In addition, setting your flight can influence the condition after landing. But it is often difficult for you to select your favorite flight. It will be busy and costly.

In contrast, you have something to consider after the arrival. The general principle is making your behaviors adaptive to the new time zone. It means ignoring your physiological signs. Even if you feel sleepy, you should not take a nap until the proper time. Going out and taking an exercise at daytime are recommended.

The best ways to beat jet lag

Finally, there is a medicine to modify your circadian rhythm. You can take some Melatonin tablets before going bed. Melatonin is available in some countries as an over-counter drug. Otherwise, you can get it at the hospital.

There are other several solutions introduced in these articles. Each of them I think as reasonable. In my case, however, I had truly suffered from jet lag for some days after returning home. I had severe insomnia and woke up at midnight. And I fell asleep deeply at noon.

I have become vulnerable to jet lag in these years. Perhaps it is due to aging. Until some years ago, I could take part in my job immediately after returning to Japan. Now, it takes some days for me to get recovered. Time is the strongest solution against the jet lag.

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