Thursday, December 18, 2014

US and Cuba is approaching

The US is seeking to restore the relationship with Cuba.

Obama administration is planning to open an embassy to Cuba, after 50 years of sanction. This historic rapprochement seemed to be brokered with Pope Francis and Canada.

Financial Times: US moves to restore relations with Cuba

This movement is welcomed by many countries. However some politicians including immigrant from Cuba criticize the attitude of Obama as a betrayal, or merely making a legacy of current administration.

BBC: US-Cuba relations: Global praise for normalisation of ties

Cuba is a nation with Marxist-Leninist single-party state, long governed by Fidel Castro. After he got ill, his younger brother , Raúl Castro has become to the president. Historically, Cuba was suffering from the US for its political and economical power. Fidel Castro defeated the previous government on the side of the US, to control Cuba. Some Americans cannot accept Cuba as it is a communist state.  But Cuba partially introduced capitalism. Now it imports a large amount of goods from the US.

Fortunately, Japan has relatively good relationship with Cuba. One of the reasons is that there is no geopolitical risk between Japan and Cuba. it is interesting that Canada is also friendly to Cuba.

Republican Party is strongly opposing to the decision by Obama. So, it is unlikely the bill regarding the new diplomatic policy would pass the Diet easily. However, I think the US no more wants to be hostile to Cuba so seriously, neither emotionally or politically. The relaxation between the two countries will be proceed.

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