Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas as happy day, research says

Christmas is the most popular celebrating day in the year in many countries. However, the way to spend the day differs in countries. In Japan, many youths are focusing how to stay with lover the day and night. Famous restaurants and hotels are fully booked. On the other hand, European people stay with their family at Christmas. One of my colleague said he would go to his wife's hometown. It seems like the New Year's Day in Japan.

By the way, there is a myth that suicide rate is increased in Christmas. In Japan, some uncoupled youths curse Christmas as a joke. Actually, for some people, it would be a serious problem to have to stay alone. Unable to realize the desire to find a best mate by the Christmas, they may feel desperate, named "broken promise" effect.

However, it is imprudent to estimate they tend to kill themselves. Statistics shows that the suicide rate is rather decreased in Christmas.

Martin Plöderl investigated the suicide rates in Australian holidays. As a result, he replicated the previous reports. Thus, Dec. 24 is the least suicidal day in a year also in Australia.

The European Journal of Public health: Nothing like Christmas—suicides during Christmas and other holidays in Austria

It is obvious that several factors are concerned to the suicide rate. In Christmas season, many employees get extra salary. Meanwhile, the expenditure is increasing, for Christmas presents, dinners, travels, and so forth. Thus, economic circulation gets activated. It may affect humans emotion positively, at least temporarily. In a broad view, Christmas is the happiest day.

In this article, Monday is risky for suicide. It is consistent to previous reports. Many people have troubles with work. Also interestingly, the New Year's Day was the peak of the suicide rate. I am not sure to the reason. Also in Japan, suicide rate is increased in New Year's holidays.

I am sorry to write an ironic entry today. Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone!

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